Calming Facials For Beautiful Skin
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If your skin feels sensitive and appears red, especially across the lower part of your face, you most likely suffer from rosacea, or very sensitive skin.

Rosacea, excessive redness and sensitivity are a kind of blood vessels disorder but it is not exactly known what the cause is. However, there are many factors that can affect your skin making any rosacea problem worse: acne, sun, hot and steamy showers, excessive sweat, wrong skin care, medication and high level of stress can all affect your skin, turning mild skin sensitivity into a nightmare!

Any treatment for rosacea and excessive redness on your skin should include gentle or calming facials, which are so important in suppressing any redness and calming down the skin sensitivity. Therefore, regardless of any laser or AFT (IPL) treatment course which you may wish to undergo, calming facials should be included.

(*Results may vary from person to person)

* “I just love the Calming Facial, and have had a few now…already people have been commenting on how rested I look. Thank you HB” Mrs Brown, Putney

What Are The Benefits From Calming Facials For My Skin?
Using calming serums and specially designed facials is a great way to calm down irritated-prone skin. After a calming facial your skin can:
  • Feel much calmer
  • Feel less irritated with a noticeable redness reduction
  • Look more attractive

* “I always opt for the Facials at HB, as I feel relaxed and with the best care possible and super savvy therapists…My skin is always grateful” Talar, Knightsbridge

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