Body LipoSculpture
“A treatment that can truly help you to lose fat and reshape your body. A fast, and safe treatment and with amazing results.
It is time for LipoSculpture!“
Have you tried to lose the extra ‘bits and bobs’ that cause you to look and feel less attractive? Are you ready now for a real change? A change that will help you get rid of fat once and for all. Remove excess fat and reshape loose areas with LipoSculpture.
Before and After(*)
(*Results may vary from person to person)

LipoSculpture is a technique that takes years to master. Our doctors have mastered this and can help you to create the perfect shape.

LipoSculpting is a form of liposuction for fat removal with the addition of contouring to the same treated area, all in one surgery. If you are interested in removing fat from multiple areas in your body LipoSculpture surgery is most likely to be more suitable than any other type of Liposuction. You need expert doctors to perform this correctly, and HB Health is the place to come for guaranteed results and satisfaction

How Can LipoSculpture Can Help To Improve My Appearance?
By undergoing a LipoSculpture procedure you can:
  • Reduce and get rid of any excess fat in the treated areas
  • Tighten skin around the treated areas
  • Lift and reshape saggy areas, such as arms, tummy, waist, legs and knees
  • Overall, dramatically reshape your body contours

* “I had my bingo wings removed and I am a million times happier!!! I don’t know why I didn’t look in to this years ago, it has made such a difference to my life, now I cannot wait to wear my strapless wedding dress in the summer. Excited !!!!“ Deborah GL

* “I have always hated my love handles, anything I tried just did not work to get rid of them finally I opted for this process and I am absolutely stunned at the results !AMAZINGGG!!!!

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