Clitoral Hoodectomy
“A clitoral hoodectomy can restore the way you look and change the way you feel”
Our mission is helping you feel comfortable with your body and we understand that an enlarged clitoris hood or swollen clitoris hood may cause embarrassment and physical difficulties for you. A clitoral hoodectomy is an important part of our medical services where any excess skin on the sides of the clitoris can be removed with laser surgical precision by our expert.
(*Results may vary from person to person)
* “Thank you for restoring my confidence…I feel and see the difference..”

How Can A Clitoral Hoodectomy Help Me?
Many of the patients who have undergone this procedure have reported that their life has dramatically changed for the better in terms of both their sexual life and personal relationships.

Genetics, estrogen, and testosterone exposure can make significant changes in the way the clitoral area appears. Clitoral Reduction itself may result in the appearance of a more aesthetically pleasant look of the clitoral area.

A Clitoral Hoodectomy can:

  • Correct the aesthetical appearance of ‘a big clit hood’
  • Restore or dramatically improve your sex life

* “The doctor is so lovely and caring, and immediately I trusted him to fix what was the most embarrassing problem…thank you so much”

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