Perineoplasty (Rectal/Vaginal Repair)
If you experience aesthetic damage to your vagina, rectum or the perineum area (located between the vagina and the rectum) it is likely to be prolapse. Prolapse is a condition usually developed after childbirth and is the result of damage to the surrounding tissues around this area.

It can cause an emotional and physical barrier during intercourse and loss of sensation in the vaginal opening area. Don’t be embarrassed, with HB Health and Dr Bader, our unique surgical laser technique allows you to be treated with great results, less downtime or unnecessary complications. Join hundreds of satisfied women who suffered from the same problem, choose us, and are happy again.

Unlike most clinics and surgeons who perform such aesthetic procedures and are not trained as aesthetic gynecologists, Dr Alexandros Bader is an aesthetic gynecologist trained in aesthetic gynecology, meaning this is his only field of expertise.

You are in the best professional and medical hands. Nothing less is acceptable at HB.
(*Results may vary from person to person)
How Can Perineoplasty Improve My Condition?
Perineoplasty is a laser guided cosmetic surgery that repairs cuts and tears which may accrue during childbirth and can cause physical and aesthetical difficulties and discomfort.

Prineoplasty may improve your condition by:
  • Fully/partially repairing the damaged area
  • Creating a much more appealing look
  • Helping to restore loss of sensation
  • Helping to restore sexual pleasure
Aesthetic Vaginal Procedures by Dr Alexander Bader, a pioneer and worldwide renowned cosmetic gynecologist, now exclusively at HB Health of Knightsbridge

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