AFT Acne Removal
"Don’t let acne and spots control your life, instead, let us control your acne"

Often, we hear the question: “Can laser treatment remove acne?” Acne is a skin condition that affects many women through different periods of their lives. Manifesting as skin blemishes, clusters of spots, deep cysts or nodules in the face, chest, upper arms and shoulders or back, the condition can cause much emotional distress. Both children and adults alike have sought out inflammatory acne treatments.

AFT is a unique and advanced technology and is considered to be the most effective treatment for inflammatory acne.
Often, AFT is a part of ‘treatment protocol’, which we can establish, after seeing you and design for a long-term solution.

Before and After *
(*Results may vary from person to person)

“AFT has improved my acne tremendously! I am so impressed”
Sarah, Brentford

How can AFT Acne treatment improve my appearance?

By combining AFT to the acne blemishes, in combination with our specially design protocol, you can :

  • Get rid of any acne, spots or blemishes
  • Reduce the potential long term scar tissues to your skin
  • Treat existing scars, caused by the acne
  • Improve your skin quality and texture
  • Get your confidence back, and return to living a normal life

“I went to HB a year ago to start my AFT course and right now I could not be happier with the condition of my skin… I also had peels in conjunction and the difference is incredible" Jo, Chelsea

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