Fat Freezing
“If you are a healthy guy who has local pockets of fat that you would like to get rid of then Fat Freeze (cryolipolysis) is the perfect solution for you”

If you have stubborn pockets of fat that are annoying you then you are not alone! It is a problem that you share with millions of men around the world. However unlike before, with today’s highly advanced existing technologies, you can get rid of such fat pockets easily, and with virtually no pain.
(*Results may vary from person to person)

* “I had Cooltec treatment done and it could not have been easier! Thank you…I feel fit and less wobbly now!” Henry, Oxford

About HB Health

At HB Health we take how you look and feel very seriously, and pride ourselves on the results you will achieve. Our team are experienced professionals and know how to treat your problems.

About This Treatment

Fat freeze is a process where your fat cells will be frozen for a short period and can be effectively applied on many body areas with great success.

At HB Health of Knightsbridge, we use only the best technologies available, such as our CoolTec fat freezing.

Our fat freezing treatment will allow us to blast away your fat cells, dramatically eliminating fat pockets in areas such as ‘love handles’ , ‘beer belly’ and more!

* “Many thanks to you at HB for helping me look fitter…” James, Battersea

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At HB Health We Always Have Great Offers For Our Clients

Offers such as our VIP Club and a £100 gift voucher to use with our "Fat Freeze" treatment

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