Skin Tags & Warts Removal
“If You Wish To Remove Your Skin Tags, We Can Do The Job Best, You Will Be In And Out Before You Know It!”

If you have skin tags which are bothering you, or warts which cause you discomfort, you should know that we can help you by easily removing them. As you grow older you are more prone to skin tags that may appear under your armpits, neck, back, chest or groin area. Apart from being aesthetically unpleasant, skin tags can be harmful.
* “Thank you for easily removing my warts, I feel a lot more confident now. Recommended to anyone who has this problem” Toby, Chelsea
(*Results may vary from person to person)

About HB Health
At HB Health we take how you look and feel very seriously, and pride ourselves on the results you will achieve. Our team are experienced professionals and know how to treat your problems.
About This Treatment
At HB Health of Knightsbridge we prefer to remove skin tags and warts with an electrical needle (known as Sterex) which does the job best! If you suffer from deep warts, we might use a laser treatment, this is so we can take it from the root, making sure it will not come back! In either case it is fast, affordable and in most cases painless.

Taking care of your warts or skin tags is going to leave your skin smooth and much more aesthetically pleasant.

* “My warts have been an issue for a long time, and no creams or treatment worked before, so I am very pleased at the results..they have excellent doctors! Thanks HB” Michael, Parsons Green

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At HB Health We Always Have Great Offers For Our Clients

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