Tattoo Removal
“If You Don’t Like It, It Needs To Go! Call Us And We Will Do The Rest For You”
If you feel that your tattoo is not what it used to be it might be a good time remove it now, for good.

Removing tattoos by a laser is something that needs to be done by a professional expert, allowing for better results.
Before and After *
(*Results may vary from person to person)

* “My tattoo that had special meaning ten years ago, no longer has meaning….couldnt wait to get rid of it! Thanks” Peter, Surrey

About HB Health

At HB Health we take how you look and feel very seriously, and pride ourselves on the results you will achieve. Our team are experienced professionals and know how to treat your problems.

About This Treatment

Tattoos removal, is something, which we specialize in. With many years of experience, we know how to recognize the different tones and depth of each individual tattoo (….which is not easy). In fact we have developed a special technique which allows us to find exactly about the best setting we should use, in order to remove your tattoo faster, better, with greater results and in less time.

* “Tattoos don’t look as good or feel as good years later, and I hated it..i would always cover it up and felt people judge me, so I needed to get rid of them. Thank you to HB clinic for the sessions I needed, now its hardly noticeable” Gary, Brighton

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  • At the forefront of technology
  • Fully trained and qualified practitioners
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  • Fully compliant
  • Hundreds of happy clients
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At HB Health We Always Have Great Offers For Our Clients

Offers such as our VIP Club and a £100 gift voucher to use with our "Fat Freeze" treatment

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