Urinal Incontinence
Urinary incontinence does not make you any different in anyway. In fact, one out of three women experience it during their lifetime. Hereditary issues, being overweight, childbirth or the ageing process causes the tissue and pelvic muscles to lose its natural laxity, loss of collagen and the loss of bladder control.

We understand if this issue causes you a great deal of grief and embarrassment, but most importantly we can help you. Depending on the stage of the problem, you can undergo laser treatment that can save you a great deal of money and the need to undergo a surgical procedure.

* “I am happy I chose to do FemiLift laser treatment as those pads I had to wear are no longer needed! Thanks Dr Bader, you are a wonderful person!” Melinda P, Cheshire
(*Results may vary from person to person)
How Can This Treatment Help With My Condition?
Urinal incontinence is a problem that most doctors will either suggest an operation for or for you to learn to live with it!

Our FemiLift solution offers an innovative non-invasive treatment using a powerful laser and a special vaginal urinal probe.

When our specialist doctor thinks that surgery can be avoided, you have a great opportunity to treat your problem in a non-invasive and very straight forward way.

Our treatments are designed to remodel the vaginal tissues and will result in firmer tissue and stronger Collagen fibers. This enhances and supports the urethra structure resulting in a significant urine leakage reduction, meaning, massive improvement to your quality of life.

* “A painfree, easy solution..its a wonder how I didn’t hear of it before…Thanks HB, it vertainly has restored my confidence. Thank you so much” S.B. London

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